Is Craniosacral Therapy For You?

Imagine living your life with more ease, less pain, and the ability to handle daily stressors more easily. If there was a healing modality that could help take away your pain and lessen your stress, would you want to give it a try? A craniosacral therapy training course uk can give you that wonderful relief. Let me explain a bit more about this remarkable therapy and you can decide if it would be beneficial for you to give it a try and start living a life with less stress, pain and more ease. Craniosacral therapy has proven to be extremely beneficial for problems such as headaches/migraines, back aches, neck aches, other bodily chronic/acute pain, stress, anxiety disorders, and learning disorders, just to name a few. Craniosacral therapy has the ability to get to the core of what is causing problems and help to relieve the pain and dysfunction people are experiencing.

Practitioners who are trained in CST can range from massage therapists to physical therapists to individuals who want to learn the techniques to help friends and family. Therapists who are trained in this modality are able to sense or find areas on the client’s body where energy is blocked or there are restrictions in the muscles or fascia that need to be released. Our bodies are made up of energy that moves and pulses at different rates depending on restrictions in the fascia or other places in the body. Craniosacral practitioners are specially trained to find and correct these imbalances by helping the cerebrospinal fluid flow more correctly.

The Craniosacral rhythm is felt as a wave motion moving side to side. When an area is restricted or blocked, the rhythm sometimes feels jittery, uneven, or irregular. Using an extremely light touch, therapists hold areas that are restricted or not moving correctly and follow the movement of the fascia and/or energy and patiently wait for restrictions to let go. Craniosacral therapy works with your cerebrospinal fluid and helps that to flow more correctly. When the cerebrospinal fluid can flow correctly, other bodily processes are able to function more efficiently, thereby reducing pain and dysfunction and helping people live with less stress and more ease. Cerebrospinal fluid is what nourishes the brain and spinal cord. Craniosacral therapy is a very soft touch, hands-on method of treatment. It deals with what we have named the craniosacral system which is composed of a membrane that is waterproof that encases the brain and spinal cord and carries within it cerebrospinal fluid. The pressure and volume of the fluid go up and down. That makes it a hydraulic system, which needs to be free to move all the time because the fluid should be moving and bringing nutrients to all the neurons and taking away wastes and so forth. With Craniosacral therapy, we have several entries into this system–most of them through bony attachments or through direction of energy or pulling of fascia–for alleviating any restrictions that might have accumulated due to injuries or illnesses. This therapy improves the health of the brain and spinal cord, which in turn, affects the whole body.

Craniosacral therapy is a full body treatment. Clients are asked to lie on a massage table while remaining fully clothed. The therapist then places his or her hands on different areas of the client’s body where they sense the rhythm is off. The therapist then holds that area with a touch not usually greater than five grams or the weight of a nickel and waits for the fascia (connective tissue surrounding muscles, organs, bones, nerves, etc.) to release. The release may be felt as heat coming off from the body, softening, pulsing, etc. Restrictions occurring anywhere on the body can cause problems in a completely different place. Restrictions in the neck may be causing low back or sacral problems. A problem in the foot may be causing issues in the low back/gluteal regions. Restrictions in the actual cranial bones can be causing headaches/migraines, neck aches, ear aches, emotional difficulties, and learning difficulties as well as other problems. Craniosacral therapy has a way of showing us that everything is definitely connected.